Current sensor and actuator support

OpenSensorHub support for new sensors and actuators is continuously being added  by the OSH Team and other contributors. In addition to providing support for specific sensors and actuators, we are also building helper capabilities to make it easier to bring in new sensor and actuator drivers (e.g. an Arduino library, support for various communication protocols, helper classes for certain sensor types such as video cameras and weather sensors).

Furthermore, we are building additional technologies such as SensorML editors/viewers, data viewers and mappers, and admin interfaces to make deploying new sensors easier. An additional push this year is to provide tools and tutorials that encourage Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of sensors and actuators to provide sensor descriptions and OSH drivers, and to consider using SWE Common data streams as a default, efficient format for the output streams.

Sensor and actuator driver code is on the OSH GitHub at

  • osh-sensors
  • osh-sensors-weather
  • osh-arduino
  • osh-android

Tutorials for adding new sensors are available at

List of sensors and actuators currently supported in OSH

Video (including Pan-Tilt-Zoom tasking and observations)

  • Any video camera supporting Video4Linux [IP] – code
  • Any video camera supporting ONVIF
  • Axis PTZ Video Cameras [IP] – code
  • Dahua PTZ Video Cameras [IP]  – code
  • Foscam PTZ Video Camera [IP]
  • Support for video streams and formats – code
    • RTP – code
    • mp4/H.264
    • MJPEG

Mobile video cameras (Geospatially aware)

  • Android phones and tablets [OSH onboard] – code
  • Garmin VIRB XE [WiFi] – code
  • GeoCam [OSH onboard] – code
  • FLIR One Thermal Imaging video [USB-Android] – code
  • RPi Camera Board code
  • Most computer cams (video4linux) – code


  • NMEA GPS [serial] – code
  • VectorNav Inertial Navigation Unit [Serial] – code
  • XSens MTi Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) [Serial] – code
  • Adafruit BNO55 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) [Serial] – code
  • Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout [Serial] – code
  • Microstrain 3DM-GX Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) [Serial] – code
  • Simulated GPS – code
  • DecaWave Ultra Wide Band Sensor  – indoor geolocation – code

Drone Support

  • 3DR Solo Drone [WiFi] – tasking and observations – code
  • Mavlink Drone data connection interface – code
  • Ardu-Pilot Drone Tasking interface – code


  • TruPulse Laser Rangefinder [Bluetooth] – code
  • Lagrangian Plume Model [IP] – tasking and model output – code
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) [IP] – code
  • Kinect Scannersee


  • Vaisala WXT510/520 weather stations [USB/serial] – code
  • HTTP weather feeds [IP]  – code
  • METEO-BRIDGE hubs [IP] – code
  • US NEXRAD Doppler Radar (1991-realtime) [IP/Cloud] – code
  • US Metar weather station network [IP] code
  • Simulated weather station code
  • USGS Stream Monitor Network (1.5 million stations)

Health Monitors

  • Garmin Heartbeat chest strap [Bluetooth] – code
  • Angel Sensor wrist band [Bluetooth] – code

Arduino – streaming to SOS-Transactional server

  • Arduino C++ SOS-T Helper class – code
  • ADXL345 accelerometer – code
  • MMA8451 accelerometer – code
  • BMP180 barometric pressure sensor – code
  • BNO055 orientation sensor – code
  • DHT11 temperature/relative humidity sensor – code
  • DHT22 temperature/relative humidity sensor – code
  • HMC5883 magnetometer – code
  • L3GD20H gyroscope – code
  • TSL2561 light sensor – code
  • TSL2591 light sensor – code

Home/Facilities monitoring  

  • Z-Wave/Zigbee interfaces
    • Samsung SmartThings Hub
    • Domoticz Interface – code
    • OpenHab Interface – in progress
    • Java Interface – in progress
  • Z-Wave compliant sensors
    • window/door switches
    • motion detection
    • light switches, dimmers
    • thermostats
    • alarms, warning lights
    • temperature, relative humidity, UV, luminance
    • water leak, flow

Servos / Pure Actuators

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Gimbals on video cameras (see above)
  • Adafruit PCA968 16-channel servos – code

Simulated Sensors (example test drivers)

  • Simulated weather station code
  • Simulated GPS (on moving vehicle) – code
  • Simulated Video Camera code
  • Simulated Automated Vehicle Location (AVL)

Social Media

  • Filtered Twitter Feeds – code

Supporting Existing web services and online APIs

  • USGS Stream Gauge monitoring network (1.5 million sites)
  • US NEXRAD Doppler Radar (1991-realtime) [IP/Cloud] – code
  • US Metar weather station network [IP] code


  • Yahboom G1 AI Vision Smart Tank – see

Plus, various US military and Intelligence sensors

Come help us add more specific and general adaptors !!

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