Robotics Applications Employing OpenSensorHub

OpenSensorHub provides the world’s only complete implementation of the OGC’s Sensor Web Enablement standard, but it really is more than a standards-based sensor implementation, it is a framework for Sensors, Things, and Robots.  At Botts Innovative Research, Inc. we are often developing solutions for government and commercial customers alike in areas such as vertical and horizontal sensor integration, visualization, distribution, and discovery through OpenSensorHub; but every now and then we like to get in touch with our inner child and play.  In the past we have played with common off-the-shelf sensors such as the Microsoft Kinect to create point clouds and Raspberry Pi cameras to catch troublemaking cats, each illustrating the ability of OpenSensorHub to integrate a variety of sensors, platforms, processes, and single board computers into the SWE ecosystem.  On this occasion we wanted to play with robots!

Installing OSH on Android (v.1.3.2)

The OpenSensorHub (OSH) App (v 1.3.2) can be deployed on Android devices and can stream real-time observations from a phone or tablet to a remote OSH hub on the web. These observations can come from sensors on-board the Android device itself, for example:

  • video camera
  • GPS or network location
  • gyroscope, accelerometer
  • magnetometer
  • geospatial orientation

or from other sensors connected through USB or Bluetooth, such as:

  • FLIR Thermal Camera (USB)
  • TruPulse 360 Laser Range Finder (Bluetooth)
  • Health monitoring bands (Bluetooth)

This blog provides information on how to install and configure OSH (v.1.3.2) on the Android devise.

Current sensor and actuator support

OpenSensorHub support for new sensors and actuators is continuously being added  by the OSH Team and other contributors. In addition to providing support for specific sensors and actuators, we are also building helper capabilities to make it easier to bring in new sensor and actuator drivers (e.g. an Arduino library, support for various communication protocols, helper classes for certain sensor types such as video cameras and weather sensors).


Welcome to the blog for OpenSensorHub – an open source, open standards software project building a powerful platform for the easy deployment of sensors, actuators, and processes from the Internet of Things (IoT) in to a highly interoperable SensorWeb.  OpenSensorHub harnesses the power of the Open Geospatial Consortium Sensor Web Enablement (OGC SWE) architecture in an open source platform that you can use to build a location-enabled, geographically-aware Web of Things.  Join the OpenSensorHub community as an explorer, an adopter, or a core contributor.

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