Kinect Support on RaspberryPi 3B+

What’s more fun than Kinect?

How about RaspberryPi with Kinect…even better RaspberryPi running OpenSensorHub controlling a Kinect! That is right OpenSensorHub now supports Kinect sensors on RaspberryPi.

What do I have to do to get this tremendous trio? Well simply download a distribution of OpenSensorHub, download, build, and install the OpenSensorHub Video addon from the addons repository in GitHub and enjoy.

We have added support for Kinect on OpenSensorHub using OpenKinect’s Libfreenect library built on RasperryPi 3B+ and an interface cable and power supply combo (IDS 1 Pc Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor USB AV Adapter) readily available online for about $10. So break out your Kinects and RaspberryPi’s and have some fun!

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