OpenSensorHub Community

We are a team that is passionate about making OpenSensorHub a success because it is the right thing to do. If we are ever going to be able to access all sensors, actuators, and processes as easily as we access any resource on the web, we will need technology like OpenSensorHub.

We will know that we have been successful when no one knows nor cares that the OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standards and OpenSensorHub are what is enabling them to easily access sensed information, process it, analyze it, and act on it.  Like the USB standard, we want to hide all the complexities of the standards with an implementation that just works with ease.

Come join the OpenSensorHub Community and help us connect the world, one sensor at a time.


Dr. Mike Botts – OSH Project Manager; sensor and process driver development

Alex Robin – Chief OSH Architect and developer

Tony Cook – Sensor driver development – weather data integrator

Lee Butler – Full path deployment (sensors, processing, configuration, client)

Mathieu Dhainaut – OSH Client Toolkit and SensorML editor development

Josh Wolfe – Full path development (sensors, processing, configuration, client)

Ian Patterson – Full path development (sensors, processing, configuration, client)

Nick Garay – Full path development; OSH-GeoNode-MapStory integration

Richard Becker – Client toolkit development; DevOps and GeoNode integration

Michael Gerlek – Facilitator for GEOINT Services Architecture integration

Chris Smith – Advisor on GEOINT Services Architecture integration

Michael Fouche – Sensor driver development

Brett McWilliams – SensorML editor development

Sebastian Clarke – Meteo-Bridge driver development

Chris Amaral – Video sensor driver enhancements

Syrus Mesdaghi – Client toolkit development; DevOps and GeoNode integration

Radhaji Mani – Prototype Client development




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