OSH Android App

OpenSensorHub can also be deployed on Android devices and we wrote an Android App to demonstrate that. OSH itself runs as an Android Service and the App configures and connects to this service to retrieve information. The current App is just an example of what can be done but it currently allows one to easily publish sensor data collected by the phone to a remote SOS-T (Transactional Sensor Observation Service) endpoint in real-time.

This includes streaming data from sensors that are present in most smart phones:

  • Video cameras (using either MJPEG or H264 codecs)
  • GPS or Network Location
  • Gyroscopes
  • Accelerometers
  • Magnetometers
  • Fused orientation (i.e. relative to the earth)

We also added support for a few external sensors that you can connect to the phone via USB or Bluetooth:

  • FLIR One Thermal Camera (USB)
  • TruPulse 360 Laser Range Finder (Bluetooth)
  • Angel Sensor Health Monitor (Bluetooth LE)

The screenshot below shows the menu where the different sensors can be activated:

The code for the Android App is hosted in the osh-android repository of our main GitHub account and we’ll release version 1.0 soon.

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  1. To date, the Android app has been tested and shown to run on the following devices:

    Nexus 5 – Full capabilities
    Nexus 5X – Full capabilities
    Nexus 9 – Full capabilities
    Motorola G4 (2016)
    – no magnetometer
    – no pre-calculated orientation (i.e. Euler angles or quaternion matrix)
    Blue Life 1X
    – no gyroscope
    – no orientation calculation
    – mjpeg video only
    Samsung S5 and S5 Active


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