Request Dash Cam Video / Location / Orientation

Use the requests below to receive video, location, and orientation data captured from an Android phone running OSH SensorHubConnect app. This page shows requests with an optional property “replaySpeed=1”. Replay speed is used in the request to playback sensor data in the same frequency it arrived to the OSH node (this frequency is multiplied when the property is given a larger/smaller value (e.g. replaySpeed=2 or replaySpeed=0.5). Without the replaySpeed option, OSH will send the data as fast as possible.

NOTE: with replaySpeed set, you will notice some pauses at the beginning of the video. This is caused by frame dropouts due to interruptions in cell phone LTE communications.

Location Requests

Location with replay speed:,2021-03-04T19:59:38.984Z/2021-03-04T20:38:59.367Z&responseFormat=application/json&replaySpeed=1

Location without replay speed (batch):,2021-03-04T19:59:38.984Z/2021-03-04T20:38:59.367Z&responseFormat=application/json

Video Requests:

Video with replay speed:,2021-03-04T19:59:38.984Z/2021-03-04T20:38:59.367Z&replaySpeed=1

Video without replay speed (skips to next video frame without time delay):,2021-03-04T19:59:38.984Z/2021-03-04T20:38:59.367Z

Orientation Requests:

Orientation with replay speed:,2021-03-04T19:59:38.984Z/2021-03-04T20:38:59.367Z&responseFormat=application/json&replaySpeed=1

Orientation without replay speed (batch):,2021-03-04T19:59:38.984Z/2021-03-04T20:38:59.367Z&responseFormat=application/json

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