Allow 3rd party applications to be installed

This may differ between phone models, we have found this setting in two locations.

Go to Settings then Security and it will either be Device Administration or Unknown Sources.


Go to Settings then Application Notifications and choose Install Unknown Applications.

Download OSH app

Be sure you are connected to the internet and go to

Select Download, open with Google Drive, and select OK for access.

Setup OSH app

Select the Menu in the top right corner. Choose Settings, then General.

Give your device a unique name.

Enter the SOS Endpoint URL. For NYS use:

Username: sensor

Password: sensor@NYS

Select the following Sensors from the sensor list:

  • orientation quaternions
  • GPS location
  • Video Data
  • Codec: JPEG

Start Sensor Hub

Now you can select Start Sensor Hub. The Run Name does not need to be anything specific and you can you the pre-filled Run Name.