Samsung SmartThings Integration

What is SmartThings?

SmartThings is a technology used to create a connected home. At its core, SmartThings is a cloud-based service that interfaces with a user’s SmartThings hub. Its design allows for quick and seamless additions of many types of sensors to a home network. Devices connect to the hub using either the Z-Wave or ZigBee standard.

Why combine SmartThings with OpenSensorHub?

The two technologies appear to attempt the same thing, making the internet of things accessible. It seems then, that combining the two would only be redundant. This isn’t the case. SmartThings exists as a simple, easy to use, but somewhat closed system. Some types of sensors or sensor packages are not directly supported by SmartThings, even though it is extensible through its own API and web-based IDE. Also, the ability to customize the way data is viewed through SmartThings is limited in comparison to OpenSensorHub (OSH).

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