OpenSensorHub 2.0-beta1 Released


Version 2.0 of OSH is well on its way and comes with a lot of fundamental changes to the core design as well as new Web APIs. Today we released v2.0-beta1 to all users so you can start testing this major release and provide us feedback. This version is available for download as a single zip archive from GitHub Releases, and the documentation is available here.

The main changes and improvements in this version are:

  • Migration to Java 11+
  • New EventBus API based on Java Flow
  • New Datastore API based on Java Stream
  • New embedded DB implementation based on H2 DB
  • Support for the new SensorWeb API (REST API + websocket streaming and MQTT pub/sub capabilities)
  • Support for the SensorThings API (as an add-on)
  • New Database Federation capabilities
  • Better integration of the SensorML processing engine
  • Performance enhancements for better support of large sensor networks and mobile platform fleets
  • Ability to boot with the integrated OSGi Felix framework or run within an existing OSGi runtime such as Karaf
  • Migration of build scripts to Gradle 7.1 and Bndtools for OSGi support

There are also a few demos making use of the new SensorWeb API:

Please let us know what you think of this new release and, as always, don’t hesitate to report issues or ideas for enhancements on our GitHub issue tracker.

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