New OSH version 1.2 is out!

sensorhub_logo_blogVersion 1.2.0 of OSH has been released with many bug fixes and enhancements to the Admin UI, OGC service interfaces and security. This version is available for download as a single zip archive from GitHub Releases or as individual modules from our Bintray repository.


New Features include:

  • Admin UI
    • Sensor tasking directly from the UI
    • Discovery of OSH add-ons available from online repository
  • Service Interfaces
    • JSON encoding of SWE data in SOS
    • Sensor registration and low-latency tasking in SPS (via websockets)
    • Fixed FOI support for real-time data streams
    • Automatically generated SOS test links in UI
  • Security
    • Fixed support for anonymous users even when authentication is enabled (allowing anonymous users can be enabled for each OSH service separately)

We also released packages including some of our sensor drivers and other add-on modules. You can find these on Bintray as well as in the Release section of the corresponding repository:

Please let us know what you think of this new release and, as always, don’t hesitate to report issues or ideas for enhancements on our GitHub issue trackers.

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