Vaisala Weather Transmitter

The Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT520 is an advanced and highly-configurable system of weather sensors all in a single package. Because of its compact size, this weather transmitter is well-suited for dynamic field deployment as well as more permanent deployment, making it ideal for integration into the SensorWeb.

The WXT520 is capable of measuring

  • wind speed/direction
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • atmospheric pressure
  • precipitation accumulation/duration/intensity


An OpenSensorHub (OSH) driver has been developed to support the Vaisala WXT510 and WXT520 stations. It allows the user to configure the weather transmitter output but by default supports separate data records for temperature-pressure-humidity, wind observations, rain observations, operation status, and a composite data record consisting of all of these. Each of these output records can be set at different sampling frequencies.

Currently, the OSH driver only allows the WXT520 to operate in ASCII automatic mode. A simple computer with a serial port, such as a Raspberry Pi, can be used as an OSH node to collect data from the Vaisala Weather Transmitter.

The OSH Vaisala driver is available on Github


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