Want to become part of the OpenSensorHub community by adding functionality to the OpenSensorHub core or developing sensor adapters?

We welcome all developers interested in helping us build interoperable Sensor Webs and the Internet of Things.  Most contributions are likely to be  adapters for specific or general sensors and actuators. Additional development may involve the OSH Core (Java), OSH Client Toolkit (JavaScript), processing support, security, DevOps, SensorML editors/viewers, and integration with GeoServer, GeoNode, and other geospatial technologies.

Here are a few ways to get started:

GitHub Organization


  • osh-core – Java source for OSH Core including APIs for connecting sensors, processes, communication, storage, service, etc


  • osh-sensors – Java source of adapters for various sensors and actuators
  • osh-weather – Java source of adapters for weather-based sensors
  • osh-video (coming soon) – Java source of adapters for video sources
  • osh-arduino – C++ code to support easy integration of Arduino sensors and actuators

Sensor Hub Functionality

  • osh-comm – Java source for communication-related modules (e.g. Bluetooth, USB, serial, etc.)
  • osh-persistence – Java source for data storage extensions to the core
  • osh-security – Java source for security modules to extend the core
  • osh-processing – Java source for adding processing building blocks to the core
  • osh-services – Java source for I/O services to extend core (e.g. MQTT, video services, OpenSearch, P2P, etc.);  NOTE: OGC SOS and SPS supported in the core.
  • osh-android – Java source for Android-specific modules

Client and other Tool Support

  • osh-js – JavaScript Toolkit to provide modular support for enabling OSH in web clients

SensorML Support

  • sensorml-editor – JavaScript code for supporting web-based viewers and editors for SensorML

Documentation and Distribution

  • osh-docs – OSH web-based documentation
  • – Source for OSH documentation website
  • osh-distros – build scripts for OSH distributions
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