Introduction to OpenSensorHub

General OpenSensorHub Documentation (website)

Quick Start Guide to deploy and collect data using OpenSensorHub and an Android device:

Deploy and Collect Data with OSH (website)

OpenSensorHub Node (servers)

How to install and deploy OpenSensorHub:

Install OpenSensorHub (website)

How to use and configure a deployment of OpenSensorHub Nodes (servers):

OpenSensorHub Driver Development

Quick start project templates for driver development:
The following repositories should be used in conjunction with OSH Driver Development Presentation below.

OpenSensorHub v1.4:

OpenSensorHub v2.0:

How to create new drivers for OpenSensorHub:

Your First Sensor – Driver Documentation (website)

OpenSensorHub Client Toolkit

Documentation and examples of how to use OSH-JS to create clients or a Common Operating Pictures (COP). This includes examples of requesting data and rendering it on a map, video, chart, audio player, etc…

OSH JS Toolkit Documentation (website)

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